Thursday, February 11, 2010

keep them in your thoughts

one of my oldest friend's daughter is having her 4th surgery (i think its 4 but it might be 3) either way thats a lot for a 11 month old. one of the things that has just inspired me in the last year is the amazing grace and strength that this family has had through it all. we are all given different trials and some people just take theirs and run with it and that is how i would describe lisha. she has taken and worked with it not fought against it and i am so happy to get to call her my friend. if you could keep them in your thoughts and prayers today because not only is elle having surgery her cousin is also having surgery today. witt is an amazing fighter and will be having open heart surgery today. you can read his story here, its truly inspiring and elles story is here.

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Lisha said...

i just read this post - i mus have missed it in all the chaos of last week. thank you! i started crying - you just never know what will touch your heart and your request did! i am so glad we have been put back into each other's lives!