Monday, February 1, 2010

can i take a sick day?

if you are a mom you know- you don't get a sick day.. the kids still need to be taken care of. unless you have a totally awesome hubby who will do it all and let you sleep. my hubby is gone- but i had something even better-my mom- she took care of me and my kids and made sure i slept, took my meds and just down right rested. i am happy that i am here by her- not just for the taking care of me when i am sick or frustrated or have a headache, but just in general. i was blessed to live close to my in-laws for years. we had great times and they were always so helpful to me and glenn. hello- they watched the kids so i could still work (i doubt the will ever know how helpful that was). but for now we get to live close to my parents and i am enjoying getting to have fun with my mom again after 9 years of living away..
so thanks mom for taking care of the kids so i could sleep and blow my nose constantly... you are a huge help. love you!
olivia and grannie!

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