Monday, January 18, 2010

team drew.bear and dr V

friday we finally had our gastro appt for drew. we started this process of figuring out whats going on with drew in may but really it started right after drew turned 1. i personally really liked the dr ( he will be called dr. V from here on our) he was great about listening, asking questions and taking it all in. he didn't make me feel like i am crazy or that there is nothing wrong. he was open to talking about all the things that could be going on, which i loved. he has decided that we need to check out drews calorie intake to see if he is not getting enough or if maybe he needs more than he is getting to help him start packing on some weight. he has gained weight but its not quite where we want him to be. we will deal with the poop issue in march when we meet again. so in two weeks we meet with a nutritionist to figure out what to do with that and then go from there. i am feeling better about everything b.c we have a dr on our team who is open to figuring this out and a plan in place to work on it..


Adri said...

yay :)

Lisha said...

so glad you liked the dr and are taking steps to figure that little guy out!!