Thursday, December 3, 2009

frustration time a million and then some

so beginning two years ago we started to be concerned with drew's weight. he is a small kid and has not gained weight the way other 3 years olds have. in fact 99% of all 3 year olds are bigger than him. at 3 and 2 months he weights 26lbs with all his clothes on. so prior to moving to texas we did some testing with normal results and the next step was to see a gi dr. then we had no insurance for drew so we did nothing. finally we have insurance and we met with our pediatrician and he was open to my concerns especially since drew has some really toxic and interesting poop. we did blood tests last week for celiacs disease, and 2 other tests. the results of all of those tests came back normal. so now we are onto our appt with the gi dr in january. i have some major frustration b.c i just want to help him gain weight and not have the poop issues he has. he has grown in height which is encouraging but the weight has only been about 5 lbs between the past two years. its hard to not know what to do to help your little ones and have thought that something was the issue and realize that it was not that and be back at square one. anywho.. that is my frustration today..

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