Tuesday, February 17, 2009

L I F E as it M O V E S on

so yesterday olivia was 4 weeks old. i feel like it just blazed past us all. i am shocked that it can go so fast and some days it seems so slow. she is a mostly good baby. she sleeps pretty decently ( about 4 hour stretches at night) she eats ok, she sometimes freaks out because she swallows so fast, she does not like to be left alone though... she has been sleeping in bed with us at night b/c otherwise i would get NO sleep at night so there she is on one side of me all night long, except last night... she slept for 3 hours straight in her bassinet and then another 2 hours later in the night.. i was excited for that progress as we work our way to sleeping at night.. drew has this need to be involved with her that it makes me laugh some days but mostly it drives me CRAZY. he is always touching her, trying to play with her and talking to her. he only calls her baby b/c olivia is pretty hard for him to say, its funny to hear though. wyatt is being mostly good- he has had some hard days but for the most part is helpful. i feel bad for him because he is use to playing with other kids at least two days a week and now he is stuck with me full time and i am not very fun right now. he has a hard time understanding that i have to do things for olivia and can't just play with him... but at time progresses and i get better at being home more i think we will work that all out- at least i hope we will :)

its a bittersweet day for me, today is the day i would have gone back to work. i say bittersweet because i miss my friends at work, the adult interaction, the work i did i really enjoyed and lets not forget about that paycheck... seriously going to miss that part...

but the sweet side is that i am getting to be at home with the kids and i do enjoy it on some level.. its hard when you have not been use to it and it was unexpected so i was not mentally prepared for it. all in all though i think once we get the situation settled down and we can get into a more real routine and i can get some more crafty type things working for us and i am getting more sleep, i think i could totally enjoy it (maybe)

anyways in other news- we celebrate the week of birthday here in our family... 1st with Tanners - we went to kangaroo zoo one night while they were here, tons of fun... then mine dinner was good and then leanns- dinner was good again and then great grandmas... of course i didn't take any pictures of any of that... but here are some pictures of the little lady and the boys-- ENJOY

sleeping away
enjoying her nap...
goofing off.

more goofing off

this is what i get when i say "cheese"


Amber Ferran said...

I LOVE the new pictures! I can't believe how much older Wyatt is looking...it's so crazy! Drew is probably just torn between you and what he thinks is protecting the new baby...he'll get used to it. Olivia is so beautiful! She is perfect!

Twizzlers mom said...

Vee is totally like drew! She absolutely has to be involved in everything! The other day I had set sam down to change her bottom, but couldn't find the diapers, and when I finally did, vee had sam completely bare bottom, and it was a poopy diaper! She had cleaned her with wipes and what not. But yeah, I totally know what you mean! Good luck! When you become a full time house mom is hard! Believe me!

call me said...

Baby O is such a sweetie! I miss you.