Thursday, January 15, 2009

short sweet and to the point

my body hates me... i have been having painful, consistent contractions since around 4am but to no avail. how is it possible to have that much pain do nothing.... we were sent to the hospital and watched for almost two hours but per my usual, no progress was made. i did get to enjoy another wonderful shot, except this time my contrax are still happening and now i can feel them really good again as the morphine has started to wear off..... i am worn right out and my body is still going at it but odds are not in my favor- i think she is so happy in there she wont ever come out- ahhh i do have to send a shout out to my job and friends for being so supportive and understanding of this kind of stuff. i am lucky to be surrounded with those people who are sympathetic and just want the best for me.... anywho-- off to try and sleep-

here's to hoping this ends sooner rather than later.......

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Cami said...

Oh my goodness, that's terrible! Drink all the water you can and HAVE THAT BABY!