Wednesday, January 21, 2009

after 9 LONG months---

she came to join our family. Sunday was a lazy day in our house b/c saturday i was feeling not so great, so we mostly just hung out at home and watched tv and played around and enjoyed having grannie lisa at our house. That night at about 9:45 my mom suggested we go walking even though for the first time in two weeks i was not having a ton of contractions... so glenn and i went off to walk around walmart. We walked around the store twice and then i was done walking.. my leges hurt and i was tired- so home we went. Around 10:30 i went to bed and thought about my 9:00 drs appt and how they would probably schedule to induce me and that was going to be just fine. I woke up at 12:15 to go to the potty and realized that i had maybe peeded my pants- changed and laid back down only to realize that it was not that as i was still having lots of fluid- it hit me that my water broke and it was time to go. I woke glenn up and the contractions started coming fast and furious. they were 2 minutes apart and super duper painful, in my back, legs and belly. we made it to the hospital and i was able to get my epidural within about 20 minutes of being there. i didn't think my labor would go fast but it sure did. at one point i worried about the dr making it in time b/c she was so close to coming. She came on in one push and was super cute. unfortunately i was not able to hold her for almost 4 hours after she was born. the epidural makes me shake really bad and get really sick and it was not a fun time afterwards. I am happy to say that she came quickly and that now that chapter is over. Time for a whole new chapter in our lives, dealing with the boys and a newborn... so far its been a huge adjustment and without my mom here i am not sure how i would even be alive right now....

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