Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Wrap Up

so we have had a whirlwind of activities in the past few weeks and i being the sucky camera person have not captured most of them. luckily for me shane uses his camera a lot and that is where i will be getting my pictures from. i was even so bad as to just have shane take pictures on christmas morning so i did not have to worry about it. anyways-

here is a run down on our christmas holidays-
-uncle shaney came into town, wyatt went nutz
- wyatt, shane and nick went sledding
- we made cookies
- we had christmas eve at the stewart's
- santa came to town and brought us a TON of new toys (we are all a bit spoiled)
- we went bowling after the movie we wanted to see was sold out
- we ate training table
- we played a lot of mario party on the wii
- we ate and ate and ate

i will post pictures soon of all the events that shane documented -

on a side note i noticed that my baby countdown is under 30 days and i feel like i have a million and one things left to do to get ready for little miss- i had my first internal check today and progress is being made which is good but could mean nothing, i am going with the nothing. until my legs are on fire (wendy you know what i mean) i will be here trying to get ready to be out numbered!

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