Monday, October 20, 2008

ideas needed..

so for the past two years we have been doing family gift exchange on glenn's side of the family. one year the theme was movies and last year it was games but this year we are struggling to find a theme that will work for families- so i turn to you (any of you who read this blog) to give me suggestions on a theme- the kids age ranges are from 10- newborn... so please help because i have been racking my brain for two days to think of something that will work and clearly this post shows i have no ideas....



Keri said...

You have come to the right place sista! I am the queen of trying to theme stuff up!

Superheros, TV, Times of the day (and what you would be doing during that time) Colors, cartoon characters, letters of the alphabet, do you want me to keep going???

I love stuff like this!!
(and I miss you!)

Amber Ferran said...

You could do homemade gifts! Tell everyone they have to MAKE the gift for their person...that could be fun!

Paige Sinclair said...

in Kyle's family this year our theme is food storage. so you have to make the family a treat and get them something they can use for every month of the year. i bought spices at the dollar store and am going to make cookies. lame, but it works!