Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1st day of school

wyatt started his new year of pre-school yesterday and i am so happy. he loved his new teacher and all the new stuff. his second cousins from glenn's side ended up being in his class to, so that was nice. he did tell me that there were 2 cute girls in his class and that his favorite thing was snacks. i am excited to see how he takes to this new program. he also started gymnastics last week and LOVES IT. every day he asks me if it is gymnastics day and i have to tell him at least ten times a day that gymnastics is on wednesday. needless to say he was thrilled that he gets to go tonight. our camera is acting funny so hopefully i can get that sorted out and finally take some more pictures.

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call me said...

Yay for gymnastics! That's so cute, you'll have to take photos of him at gymnastics when your camera is off the fritz.