Monday, August 4, 2008

who am i kidding????

so as i am getting further into this pregnancy i keep telling myself that the baby is going to be a boy and that i am okay with that... today it hit me... who am i kidding
(hence the title of the post) i want this baby to be a girl. i keep pretending its a boy so that i don't get my hopes up and then get super disappointed when the baby is a boy.. now that being said- regardless of the sex of the baby i know how lucky i am to be able to have babies and i will love whatever baby we are blessed with but i do have the right to have a little bit of a preference. End of that moment-------- i want this baby to be a girl. i am probably going to freak out if it is a boy and cry -- a lot... i tired explaining that to glenn one night and he did not get it. i think most mothers want a little girl at some point in their life- someone to do girly things with and such. i had that with my mother and i loved it so much. growing up with 4 boys there was a lot of boy stuff going on in our house and it was so nice to have my mom to retreat with to shop or see girly movies with. i want that badly. i keep trying to keep myself in check but as everyone keeps asking me when we will find out the sex of the baby and wyatt telling me its a girl baby i am getting a little stressed out- so i am putting it out there.. in the end i will be happy and grateful for whatever little person joins our family but lets be frank people...


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Ferran Fam said...

Well, I am convinced boys are easier to raise than girls no doubt, but hey, just keep trying...then once you do have a little girl, she'll be really tough with all those older brothers. And hey, there's nothing wrong with taking your sons to do girly things :)