Thursday, March 20, 2008

thing one and thing two strike again

glenn called me at work today and asked in a not so nice voice, where the hell i was. i promptly told him i was on my way home. so i started driving home and called him back to make sure everything was alright, he started complaining again and i yelled at him. side note.... glenn works hours that are not really set in stone per say. some days he might work all day some days he might have a client come in and buy a car at 8:30 at night and will be home two hours later... not really something you can predict, so for him to be complaining about me not being home yet... NOT GOOD....
well i get home and see that the living room is a mess, which i expect since glenn did not feel good and probably got about three hours of sleep the night before.... i did not expect to find the mess that i walked into in my kitchen. someone fell asleep on the couch and the tiny people went to work with their magic of making a HUGE mess. the mess below consists of dog food, flour, the contents of my bottom shelf in the pantry, a bottle of balsamic vinegar that had a leak in it, did i mention the flour... a WHOLE bag of it. yes some of you might remember that yesterday morning drew spilled a whole bag of brown sugar on the floor. strike two for the cooking supplies in my house. so we spent the next hour trying to get it all cleaned up and getting angry with the kids. the problem is that drew is the main culprit and how do you really discipline a 17 month old???? anywho... it took forever and my floor still does not feel right after sweeping, vacuuming, sweeping, vacuuming and thinking about moping... have not gotten there yet..... i need to mop but too tired tonight, it will have to wait till tomorrow.

on the plus side, since cleaning girl did not show up yesterday, at least i did not waste all that money to have this craziness happen on my newly cleaned floor- it was already dirty :)

the mess

i love how wyatt is hanging his head in shame

more of the mess

this is what drew's head looked like with all the flour in it.

the end result of my shelf.


Ferran Fam said...

Oh my gosh...I don't even know what to Jessica! I'm trying to not to laugh, because I'm sure you were upset, but it's pretty funny! :) You will cherish this moment one day, I promise!

Jess said...

no it was funny but upsetting at the same time.

Adri said...

AHHHHHHH I would die. You need to childproof that room, woman!

Sager Fam said...

Oh I remember those days..... I promise it does get better.