Wednesday, March 5, 2008

finding my inner redneck

so we got the opportunity to go to the Vegas Nascar race this past weekend. yes i know you are shocked to find out that i love nascar. it was so much fun. glenn, mike and i went together and we had a blast. i loved how fast the cars go and the main reason i watch... the wrecks. there was one wreck that was right in front of where we were sitting and i felt the car hit the wall, that was super cool. my driver crashed out early in the race so i didn't get to cheer for him but needless it was SUPER fun. i hope we can do it again next year. we took some pictures but i will have to post them later since my camera is at home.

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Adri said... totally belong in Indy. You just have to start smoking and gain 50 pounds and you could totally pass for a local. :)