Wednesday, February 20, 2008

naughty naughty boy

so for the past few days wyatt has been horrid. i mean full on making me want to go crazy. he keeps being defiant, talking back and down right just ignoring what i ask him to do. i am starting to feel like a bad mom. so i am reaching out to any one who has some mom advice- what do i do with this kid. i have had to lock myself in the bathroom just to keep from doing something i might regret. i feel like he thinks he is in control.... so don't judge me just help me... PLEASE... any advice is worth a lot to me.

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Paige Sinclair said...

I just randomly found your blog & I know you posted this awhile ago....but anyways when Hyrum drives me nuts I put myself in time out and I tell him that he is not allowed to talk to me until I tell myself to get out. He laughs about it but then usually runs and plays by himself because he doesn't want to have to sit in time out himself for talking to me. We have a rule where you are not allowed to talk to the person who is in time out. Maybe it will work for you?

Can you believe it...I have 2 boys now too!