Monday, December 24, 2007


growing up christmas eve was one of my favorite days of the year. you see, i was completely lucky when it came to how my mom was about holidays. she did the whole nine yards. we had cookie decorating parties, we decorated gingerbread house, we went looking at the lights having hot chocolate and herseys kisses. christmas eve was always a busy day in our house, my mom would make our dinner on that day and up until this year i had no idea what that meant... now i do and am ever so grateful for what she did. she made christmas all about the fun traditions and spending time with family. i love her for that.
right now, i am completely stressed out about all the stuff i still have left to do. i feel like i have a million things left and not enough time... and stupidly glenns dealership is open today... (don't get that but okay...) and so i am doing most of this alone... anywho... hopefully i will stop being stressed at some point and enjoy the day.... but knowing me...that is going to be difficult....
anywho.... for any one who is reading this rant i had......

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