Friday, November 23, 2007

turkey day... the gateway drug

it is only the beginning of the holiday season...however, it seems that every year christmas starts showing up earlier and earlier and if i was thanksgiving i would be mad... i mean really it is taking some of the spotlight off this day to be thankful. that being said... i have never been a huge fan of thanksgiving and so i am okay with that holiday being gone...but it is the gateway to the holiday season. in our house christmas is a huge deal. we go over bored some years and should not but we both love the whole thing. i am very lucky that my husband is so in getting the house decorated and things like that. he enjoys doing that kind of stuff... last year he decorated our whole house while i sat on the couch cuddling our tiny baby. as i sit here and write this my neighbors are outside getting a tree out of their truck to put into their house...... it has begun... the CHRISTMAS season....

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