Tuesday, November 27, 2007

its been too long...

since i was very nice to that husband guy of mine... so i thought i would devote some time to him on this blog... so i decided to do the top ten things i like about that husband guy
10. he is always so mellow
9. he can make some of the best macaroni and cheese in town
8. he usually never complains about my cooking
7. he gives very thoughtful gifts
6. he is passionate about things if it be sports or his job he gives it his all
5. he can clean a counter and sink like nobody's business
4. he loves to rough house with the boys and tickle them till they are laughing so hard they can hardly breath
3. he works hard at his job trying to take care of us.
2. he never yells at me, which is probably hard to do because i am a pretty hard person to live with most days... especially lately...
1. he loves me for me and that is enough for him...
so babe, even though i have been pretty hard to be with for a while... i do love you and do appreciate all the things you do even though i have a hard time showing it.... we miss you and love you... thanks for being our daddy and husband guy :)

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Adri said...

Awww - we love Glenn too! :)