Saturday, September 1, 2007

Safe and Sound

So after two days of driving with the boys ( of which one is cutting 6, yes count them, 6 teeth) We made it to OREGON. We had a lot of good, a few fights, many stops but
NO ACCIDENTS in the car. I was so proud of Wyatt, he tried to go potty every time I asked and he would tell us when he needed to go. Okay, now i am glad to not be in a car for a little while at least. More later.


Wendy said...

YEAH!!!! Next week is going to be awful.

Adri said...

Glad you made it alive. I wouldn't have. My kids are bad-bad-bad in the car. Why is next week going to be awful? Is it because Jessica will be gone? If I recall those were really the best times at work. Remember all the sweet parties we had? Oh - sorry, Jess. Forgot this was your blog! Ummm so like...have fun in Oregon and stuff.