Tuesday, June 26, 2007


So we have been trying to potty train Wyatt and it is going pretty well but he gets too into playing and forgets to go potty. Well last night I put him to bed and about a hour later i hear him in his room going, " Mommy i need to potty, Mommy I need to potty." So i quickly rush up the stairs praying he does not wake up his brother and get to his door. I open it and find naked Wyatt , he had pooped, took off his diaper, gotten the wipes down, wiped him self up and was trying to wrap the diaper up like I do to throw it away. So I proceeded to get a new diaper on him and get him back into bed. 30 minutes later the same thing happened and then again 30 minutes later, except the last time he only called for me after he peed all over the floor. Needless to say, his room stunk and he had peed on his last pair of clean Jammie's ( I SOOO need to do laundry). He finally went to bed around 11:00 pm last night after having 4 poopy diapers in that 3 hours. Well this morning he woke up nice and dry and i was EXCITED that maybe the poop monster might be gone... OHH NO, full blow poops down the leg. We rushed into the bathtub and Wyatt thought this was so funny he was cracking up. Hopefully by the time i pick him up from Grandmas the poops are gone, i don't know if I can handle another night of poops.

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Adri said...

Hahaha! Geez - what are you feeding the kid?!