Friday, May 25, 2007

Kind Words

Wyatt woke up at 1:00 last night and wanted to cuddle, now normally i would say NO go to bed, but i was tired and he looked so sad so he climbed in with me. Glenn didn't even budge when he opened the door, so if anyone decided to break in he would probably sleep through it all, comforting i know. Anywho, so Wyatt gets in bed with me and we start to fall asleep and just as he is drifting off he says" mommy i love you" i was so happy but then he followed it up with, " wheres blanky". Needless to say i put him back in his bed and he slept in till 8:00, nice break if only Drew would have gotten the memo. Sadly at 12:30 Bonnie, the lady that watches him, called me and he has a fever and is complaining that his mouth hurts ( by mouth he is pointing to his throat) so we are going to the dr this afternoon since strep is going around. Just what i want this weekend. YEAH :)

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